¡pWrite…work it out


It is Coltrane Challenge day 4 and I’ve been listening to the soothing sounds of John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” for 2 days in a row now! Today was my first workout after a while…whew 1 my workout clothes are a little snug [a clear indication of holiday fat that’s still hanging around]. 2 it wore me out! 3 I love zumba! I realized my gym shoes need to be upgraded because they are not optimally comfortable…so I’m now on the hunt for some reliable yet inexpensive gym shoes. Healthier living is challenging there’s a lot more meal planning that needs to happen because if I’m working out but not eating right, what’s the point? [well I’ll probably be better off working out than not] I digress…This week hasn’t been so hot with the sugar but I can admit that…OMG the month is going to be half way over so I’ve got to get this right…I drank coffee with vanilla syrup…as soon as I tasted it I realized I hadn’t asked for the sugar free vanilla syrup but I was long gone from Starbucks at that point so I just drank it…

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…


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