Starting the Coltrane Journey today along with my BFF, I must say I’m excited about this because she’s very passionate about his music and while I enjoy Coltrane I’ve never listened to ONLY Coltrane for 7 days. So I’m excited to be doing this with her. Today I’m all up on my YouTube Coltrane playlist because I didn’t sync my iPhone and therefore have no Trane on my phone. But I’ll sync up this evening. This morning I started the routine with Niama coming across the wave lengths…and transitioned into a love supreme, followed by my ultimate favorite…Giant Steps!

God Bless…

Ms. Peaches


2 thoughts on “¡pWrite!…Trane

  1. Marlee-I Mystic says:

    Alright then BFF! You are surely “Trane’n in” today. I am encouraged by your support of this Coltrane Challenge. Tomorrow be sure to log on to kpoo.com and listen live to the Uplift broadcast, 4 hours of straight Coltrane. It starts at 12 noon west coast time

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      oh hey now hey now…I will log on through my phone…[I hope]….that will keep me from having to worry about songs that I don’t have in my mix! yay!!! One Mind!

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