First given all praises to God (the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit) I am truly blessed…not that this is the realization because as one could imagine as a believer I’ve always been blessed. I’m for certain that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for God. No doubt about it…but the realization is more so in the fact that I’ve gotten so far away from my inner self had I not taken this time of spiritual growth [when the heck would i have come to this realization?].

Progress is what I’m striving for, growth and spiritual abundance. Every day I can be better than the day before and every day I WILL be better than the day before. Today I did a great job on the language…[go me!]…and as this was the first day of no sugar I must say it was a success. However getting back in the habit of preparing meals is challenging because I don’t always want to come home and cook but as time progresses I’ll do more prep over the weekend so that during the week it’s easier to just cook the meals and move forward with the NO SUGAR!!!!

God Bless…

Ms. Peaches


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