Meditation – well lets just Thank God for it to begin with. Finding my inner peace is a delightful feeling.  The first mediation was only for about 24 minutes but I must say I surprised myself.  I started off in silence but then I got bored at first, only to slowly adjust and hear what my spirit was saying to me…so I begin to let my spirit share with God by the only means I’ve been blessed with to do so and i felt pure delight in doing so.  I must admit it was refreshing.  I’m not sure this is something that many experience having not practice mediation on a regular.  I mean I have never practiced it on a regular and I had to tune myself into even, actually wanting [not just saying] that I wanted to meditate…I couldn’t do it in complete silence…I didn’t use the song my BFF suggested I try if I couldn’t do it in silence though in the future I may…I meditated to CeCe Wianans “How Great Thou Art” which is a beautiful and divine song. She actually has several wonderfully peaceful and heavenly songs on the entire album [Throne Room] – possibly very suitable for mediation. And so there you have it…


God Bless

Ms. Peaches…

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