Today was a successful day. I thought less profanity I said less for sure…but more importantly I gave thought to this whole process of self growth and meditation. I mean mediation is said to be so great, a wonder for the soul, true holistic cleansing, right? But what is it that I want to meditate on that will help me be a better me and take me back to my true self. So tomorrow I will take my first re-attempt to making mediation a part of my every day life. I’m taking small steps but hopefully steps that help me attain the kind of growth that I’m looking for…I’m keeping this post short and sweet but I appreciate your reading!


Love always,

Ms. Peaches…


6 thoughts on “¡pWrite!…continues

  1. Jingle says:

    lovely, it fits our week 20 theme..

    welcome join us tonight at Jingle Poetry Potluck, have fun!
    Thanks for the inspirations and dedications..link in your entries now..

    Happy Writing!


  2. Marlee-I Mystic says:

    Love it BFF! Oprah said a way to start meditating is just sitting in silence for 1 minute, then 5, then 10. It’s a good way to start. But if silence is too much put on the A Love Supreme and just sit and listen in the dark.
    Love you!

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      I have the book actually but I never read it in it’s entirety…maybe I’ll pull it out during lent! Thanks (I’ll look into the videos too)

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