¡pWrite! …begins

It begins today with my journey to speak more like a “lady” [LOL]…as of late…more like for a longer while than I’d like to admit I’ve been a baby “sailor” my goodness if words cut I’ve sliced up a few things pretty badly. I’m ridding myself of profanity – which is actually a very easy process…give me three days and I’ll be completely free of it. It’s all about controlling your thoughts [iThink] I mean I’ve done this a few times before and I’m pretty confident that once I’ve made the decision I can stop in very few days. Today I’ve done pretty well…but I have thought a few times WTF while simultaneously thinking OMG no more bad words…LOL my inner being has become my mother…the strangest part about this is the profanity only comes out in its atrociousness when I’m with the girls…I definitely never talk like I do [with the girls] when I’m with a guy…I 100% believe that it’s tacky. I also don’t speak like this at work so the question becomes…WHY DO IT AT ALL? I mean sometimes you feel like you just have to drop the “F” bomb but it’s such an ugly word…So by Monday I should be done with it…I love the cleansing process change for the better is a significant indicator of growth!


Love always,

Ms. Peaches…


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