Stolen Youth

webs of deception…
deceit you only cheat…
tangled in lies of your truths…
but lies only
deception from your
stolen youth…

Background to the short piece above
I wrote this piece a while ago…it’s about a young girl who was molested as a child and the incident was simply swept under the rug. Old habits die hard, you see this too happened to her mother as a child and when it happened to her mother her mother too swept it under a rug. As a result and generational changes even cultural changes…the stolen youth of the latter ruined her future and stole the youth of her children too because they had to grow up too fast (not because they were molested) but because their mother was absent.


11 thoughts on “Stolen Youth

  1. Kavita says:

    Oh.. a very tight and moving piece, Ms. Peaches.. drove the point home!
    The deed is quite a horrendous one… I really wonder how the person committing it doesn’t realize it.. šŸ˜¦ I mean, how sadistic CAN one get!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Appreciated your final comment that the girls had to grow up, not because of being molested, but because of their mother’s being absent. I thought that was a very profound statement. If no one protects you your mother should, right? Very good poem and comment.

    ~ C

  3. Steve Isaak says:

    Exemplary work that ably avoids the urge to speechify about how horrible it is – rather, while this doesn’t exactly ‘show’ it (it’s too abstract for that) – it takes another effective, original tack/air.

  4. Billy Granahan says:

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