Like None (Monday Poetry Potluck)

This time of year always brings
my heart Near to those I
deem dear to celebrate with Cheer…
Family they be, crazier than
anyone ought To see…
But simply put they all belong to me…

Connected blood lines from
generations of past And together we
gather celebrating Our lives,
God given and doused in love,
Heated with discussions of passion
Filled to the brim nothing purer than
Nonsense and foolishness

Stuffed with homemade
Stuffing, filled of ourselves
Not caring just sharing
not none not even a one can
capture what’s given as
we gather for our celebrations our
festivals Of family like none…

10 thoughts on “Like None (Monday Poetry Potluck)

  1. revbillcook says:

    Hi Ms. Peaches,

    I enjoy your site and your writing. “Like None” makes me feel like I am around the table with my own family. It is my week to choose a poem of the week, and I think your poem is outstanding. I have posted it on Jingle’s Open house as the poem of the week. Thank you for this. – bill

  2. Tom Baker says:

    Ms. Peaches, Merry belated Christmas! I stopped by today for two reasons. One is to say Happy New Year! The second, to thank you once again for allowing me to feature your poetry on my site. It’s been four months since I first started Poetic License and it is time to feature all four months together in one post.

    Please stop by once again on January 3rd to see the eight new poems and to see the Tri-annual magazine with your poem featured once again. I hope you like it. Thanks again.

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