A.N.E.W (Jingles Wk 33 Poetry Rally)

ATTEMPTING, standing, over again
ADJUSTING, letting go, shaking free
AGAIN you see me cuz
Yes, I’m DOIN’ me

NEWLY, if your not hearing me
NATURALLY, atypically kicked out
NECESSARY trash goes to the curb
NUBIAN queens are to be treasured
NOT NO! always NOW
NO longer NUMB I release your pain
See, I’m DOIN’ me

ESSENTIALLY not insane, my
ESSENCE will not be stolen ever again
ELEMENTARY is where it’s taught
It’s cool though, I’m DOIN’ ME

WITNESSing your atrocities
WHY you never let me be me
WRONGLY always accusatory, now
WRECKless is how u treated me, not
WITHOLDING, please believe
I’m DOIN’ me…

NOTE: My nomination goes to My nomination goes to “A Ruler’s Kingdom…Mastery of the mind and pen” [http://dieselfromthad.wordpress.com/2010/11/05/echoes-of-love/]
This piece was inspired by the video below – It’s too often that woman fall victim to exactly what she’s sharing in this song…Put yourself in first place. No relationship is worth sacrificing yourself for the sake of the other person [solely]…

22 thoughts on “A.N.E.W (Jingles Wk 33 Poetry Rally)

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      Rashmi! thanks it’s my pleasure to share and all the gratitude goes to you for actually stopping by and checking me out! Thanks so much!

  1. Jingle says:

    marked you down as done…

    you have two new poems filed under poets rally, give me both links for week 35 if you wish, visit and comment for up to 30 poets for two entries..within 7 days


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