Like butter, when he warms
Me I melt everywhere
Like silk his skin is so soft
Up against mine

Like caramel his chocolate
Covers and engulfs me
Like the oceans waves
His soul excites and calms

Like coffee his milk
And sugar brings perfection
Like peaches covered in
Cream sometimes he makes me…

Like the sun peaking out
On a cloudy gray day of haze
Like witnessing birth and a
New mothers joy that first day

Like singing your favorite
Song at its highest peak
Like seeing the one you
Love after a long day gone

Like having hot soup
On a cold rainy day
Like him stroking my
Hair taking all pain away

Like him capturing my
Heart and me falling
Completely in love

15 thoughts on “Like…Love…Like

  1. buttercup600 says:

    I loved this so much, you write with much passion and such vivid imagination!! Well done, I am still on vacation but just wanted to come by and say how happy I am to see you linked with Potluck….take care and see you soon again 🙂 oxoxox

  2. ljm (Amias) says:

    I like this, but the first three stanzas made me hungry, and the last four, after I had ate my fill, relaxed me … and I gave into where this poem was taking me … I didn’t cream, but I got up and fixed me a hot cup of coffee, with lots of sugar and cream .. may not be healthy, but it made me feel good, so did this poem. Thanks.

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