Hallows Eve…

Trick or Treat, Treat or Trick
12 years ago you were smaller
Than a sack of potatoes but
Sweeter than Sweet Potato Pie

Swaddled warmly you came to me
On Hallows Eve making el dia
De los muertos mean less and less
But your date of birth being
More and more and even some more

Proud I am to call you TiTi’s baby
You’re still my joy tho now you’re
A little lady with a baby sister on the
Way still on this Day it will be about
You and nothing more

So a treat I did get but not for
Playing a Trick, October Thirty-First
Twelve years ago, four pounds
Three ounces a tiny miracle and
A bundle of Joy I’m glad my sister
Brought you into this world

I love you only loving
Hallows Eve no more but your
Birthday for today it’s only
You that I adore…

For my niece Jay Boogie…D.O.B. October 31, 1998 – can’t believe you’re 12yrs old now sweetie. Each year I only love you more and more…My niece aspires to be an artist –this is a pumpkin I did and shared with her for artist encouragement (my first pumpkin carving at that)…

Mr. Owl

33 thoughts on “Hallows Eve…

  1. Eric says:

    Your link on Jingle’s Potluck was broken, but I dig a little deeper… and I’m glad I did. Nice piece for the Potluck – and great pumpkin carving, too!

  2. dasuntoucha says:

    That’s hot how you turned the day of the dead into a living tribute…definitely different…plus you carved that pumpkin? Outstanding job! (^_^)…your niece is lucky to have someone like you to look up to.

  3. nimaruichi says:

    Lovely sentiments.
    I have a niece too and I know what joy she can bring. Mine turned 14 last month, and looking at things from her perspective gives a new meaning to everything. 🙂
    A belated happy birthday to Jay, and hope you have a ripping time together.

    P.S. the pumpkin carving is beautiful, I’m sure Jay loved it.

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      They just grow up way to fast! she’s a tween and now she’s going to have a baby sister it’s crazy how time flies! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  4. Kavita says:

    Aww… That was ONE super sweet birthday wish!! And many many more to your niece from me too!!
    I am sure she would be DELIGHTED with this unique treat….

    A lovely poem, Ms. Peaches!!!!!

  5. Jamie Dedes says:

    This is just lovely and how sweet that you did it for your niece, Jay Boogie. I just love that. Touches the heart.

    Hope you had a happy Halloween. Lots going on and I am late making the rounds. Forgive me.

    Thanks for stopping at my place, Ms. Peaches.

    Poem on …

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