Possibly too passionate
But such feeling are always
Pertinent when love is true
Genuine and heaven sent
Love without boundaries
Love no holds barred
Love that connects me
Straight to ur soul

I love u…maybe u love
Me too and one day
Beauty will be told
By words of I do
Kisses of me missing u
When u were only away
For the 8 hour work day

Born of our love
Our love of God
As we enjoy smiles
And laughter from the family
We’ve made and saying
I love u never gets old

Because love with out
You would be untold
Passionate without
The character of being bold
Love warming me
And capturing our souls
Love we both never
Knew could be this true
But love truly from
The depths of both
Me and you
You and me love
From our love
Our love nothing
Short of beauty from God


15 thoughts on “Love…beautiful…love

  1. Sharp Little Pencil says:

    Born of our love/Our love of God… takes me back to the beginning of my friendship with Lex. Spiritual compatibility (when combined with romantic combustibility) is the best basis for a long-lasting relationship.

    Thanks for the reminder! Amy Barlow Liberatore

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