Wraths of Greed Sullen with Gluttony (Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally wk 31)

INTRO: So this piece was supposed to be for the Monday poetry potluck submission – as the theme was “7 deadly sins” but I didn’t get it finished in time so I’m using for my Week 31 Thursday Rally submission…and this piece channels my “alter-ego” Devine Interventions 7:11 which is another name I write under but haven’t used or channeled in a while…I hope you all enjoy…

Black hues of clouds above
Spark flames from the fiery
Pits of hell but to no avail
Lust and greed, gluttony
Your envy, even sloth
With sullen, iniquitously
Allow you to stand
Pride fully plotting wrath
On the nearest standing by

Transgressions of laws divine
Willfully and deliberately
Wickedly travel around
Your destitute culture of
7 deadly sins, cheerlessly to
Bring rage and anger
Self-destruction with no
Blind eye, seeking lavish
Material things instead
Of destiny with our
Heavenly being

Resent indeed, relentlessly
and perversely loving your-
Self, contempt-ly glaring
Not just with your mind’s eye
Disrespectfully to gain only
Sexually extravagant debauchery
To over indulge brings purgatory
To your heart but still no
Attempts to repent as you waste
And waste, LUST matching GREED,
SLOTH finding PRIDE, ENVY unable
To subside, WRATHs from GLUTTONY
Still all u see is ME ME ME
Your 7 deadly sins indeed…

Devine Interventions 7:11 (Bka: Ms. Peaches)


27 thoughts on “Wraths of Greed Sullen with Gluttony (Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally wk 31)

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      I’ll be able to do some reading and commenting this evening still at worked posted this piece during my lunch break..

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      Thanks so much Victoria as always I appreciate you’re commenting/support/readership looking forward to reading your piece as well.

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      yay! because this is not what was originally written…once I started typing it I started changing it…all the while worrying if I was screwing up the flow…love u BFF!

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate your stopping by and commenting! look forward to stopping by your spot as well! Cheers!

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