His Justice (dedicated 2 Nick)

Consumed by unidentifiable feelings
I reflect upon all things occurring
Disheartened and dis-comforted
I find it irrational to believe that 200
Years, 200 years is what the so called
Justice system has deemed appropriate
For a crime deemed to be committed
But if the glove does not fit you must acquit
Yet the lack of evidence, even the recant
Of the only supposed witness, in a corrupted
LA county justice system, deems it more
Than appropriate to sentence life, LIFE,
LIFE Damnit! with no possibility of parole

You see I know him, I love him,
He’s family and I don’t believe
He has done what they say, there is no
Evidence, just speculation on motive
But you see I just can’t see it really
Being a possibility, we grew up together
He was raised with morale
Indeed I’m not in denial for he sometimes
Definitely ran with the wrong crowd
But what happened he said he did NOT do
And I know in my heart that he would
Tell me not just his truth, so I scream
I scream and YELL inside and the LA
County justice system can just subside
And go Straight to HELL for they
Again have failed! FAILED! FAILED!

I’ll visit I swear, I’ll write you too
And I’ll research to help bring out
The truth for if your family does not
Believe in you, what is it that you can do?
I love you cousin this I promise you
Is TRUE…God will keep you have faith
In time true justice will reign TRUTH


10 thoughts on “His Justice (dedicated 2 Nick)

  1. Bianca Griffin says:

    The words you speak I feel. For it is love that is the greatest commandment. I agree that we have a flawed judicial system at times. It seems justice didn’t prevail in this case. The authorities were out to get my cousin from the beginning. But, we must remain Strong and trust God will always have the final say. He will be free and by sticking together; we will be victorious.

  2. Surface Earth says:

    May God hold you close in this horrifying time. I will share with you something I received today:

    Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
    -Galatians 6:2

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