A new me

Revelations of realizations
Make me see the realities
Of what it means to become
The greatest me that I can be
Blessing unknown obedience
To the one up above bring me
Full circle to a place I once
Previously started but now
Again I head back in that direction
Only I move forward without
Haste or feelings of judgment
From ones who know nothing
Of what it is that makes me me!


5 thoughts on “A new me

  1. Tom Baker says:

    Very nice insight. I really like your poem and I feature poems on my site once a month. I would like to feature this one for my readers in November if you don’t mind.

    The posts are called Poetic License if you would like to see before you answer. Of course you will get the credit and a link back to your site. Please email and let me know. September was the first month and October is already full. I hope my blog’s name doesn’t offend…

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      I’m totally NOT offended by your blog name….it’s your expression so express away my new friend…by all means I’m interested in u posting my work on ur site….I’m open minded and willing to try all positive things so I’m flattered and honored that you even requested to post my piece…Thanks!

      • Tom Baker says:

        Thank you very much. I hope you find something on my site you might like. I have added your poem to the December 13th Poetic License post. I will try to remind you of as the date approaches. It is a very nice poem – the honor is mine!

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