Facing Your Trial Through Him

Jingles Thursday Poetry Rally WEEK 27 Award Acceptance!

I’m very excited and yet again humbled to have been nominated and receive this Perfect Poet Award…It was never my intention to even have my poetry up for winning awards but it’s such an awesome feeling to have readers out there that enjoy  my work…You all our my inspiration!

Faytth is her name…no I’m not insane
Pronounced like faith an acronym is she
Indeed belonging to him not me but of course
You see he was anxious to introduce her to me
And to my surprise her he let me drive
Almost like sapphire my birth stone I’m pleased
Nervous at first because she is of course
You see his brand new M3

Behind her wheel he sits me all the while
I’m thinking-is he really about to let me…
Am I really about to drive her? O.M.G.
This process of course is not new to me
As I’ve been practicing this craft for more
Than a decade but she…does not belong to me
If something happens whose fault will it be?

And a beamer is a price too high to fix for me
But she drives so smooth, she speeds
So easily…if she were mine I would have let
Her get the best of me…I do understand you see
Why this car…his Faytth has always been his dream

It’s my pleasure to nominate Gally Lines ~ LestISmiteThee.wordpress.com this piece is so strong and serious and heart-felt…I was filled with compassion for all victims of such and atrocious act of violence and hate…I’m so glad I stopped by…


17 thoughts on “Facing Your Trial Through Him

  1. Jingle says:


    I am not sure which poet you nominated,
    I do see the name, but if you could have her/his link up in this post or tage the poet or place in under my post, that would be great….

    without a link, I am lost,
    Thanks for the help.

  2. Kavita says:

    Oh .. this was super cool! My hubby LOVES the M3.. and I, the M5 🙂 Your poem revived my love for the 5 series… and this was exactly how I had felt when I had test driven it.. heheh
    AWESOME!! This poem felt very close to my heart.. thanks for sharing it with poetry potluck!! I am very glad I read it!!!

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