Dear God…

I’m SCREAMING ur name, God-
Can u hear me father?

I’m crying Lord, and my river
seems to never run dry
tho I’ve tried and tried

I’m screaming God
becuz life is not simple
and trials and tribulations
Make me weary sometimes

I’m YELLING now, God! not at u – but
More so becuz in major areas I seem
To not kno what it is that
you God, would have me to do

I’m trying Lord, please let ur spirit
Move thru me
so I kno it’s ur righteousness
and love God…
That is everlasting

I’m feigning for u Lord, make me new
Make my spirit clean again
so that ur wonderous
joyously contagious light
shines thru me God

Im asking of u God –
make ur declaratory claims
on my life and
use me dear Lord

Hmm, thinking now
maybe u already answered
My prayers – that these
words above are a depiction
On what it is that u God
would be pleased for me to do…

So now all that’s left
Is me Thanking u my
TRULY Awesome God.


15 thoughts on “Dear God…

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      Thanks Jingle…do u use RSS to keep up with everyone? trying to figure out an easy way to stay up with poets & it’s not so easy via email subscription…

      • Jingle says:

        I don’t,

        I have record on poets rally section, thus I check when I am free…

        there is a option on the bottom of the comment box, you can sign in that way..

        most of the time, I stare at the

        tag surfer, if you post, I know within a hour…

  1. Trevon says:

    My Sweet Sweet Soror,

    I always enjoy reading your poetry! 🙂 When I saw you posted this, I thought to myself Amen bc I was just writing something similar. I love this tho!

    @noFUHreal / Trevon 🙂

  2. splashofexpression says:

    Prayer sometimes work that way. In the midst of praying God makes you realize something that makes everything better. Either on how to move forward or just like you write about, that your prayers have already been answered. Beautiful poem love.

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      thanks! ur words are so kind…I really appreciate you following my work…it’s a strong passion of mine indeed. glad others can enjoy also.

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