Simply Breathing…

Upper Respiratory infection
words so foreign, not just to me
but also to my respiratory system
which felt as if asthma was attacking
or bronchial declinations in functionality
stopping me from being able
to correctly inhale and exhale
take breaths without choking
on coughs that keep u from
sleeping only to be prescribed
two medications which are already
being ingested and a 3rd that I cared
really not to pay for but in deciding
that my health is more important
than the measly 10 bucks it cost
to further medicate my body
these antibiotics have
brought life back into me
allowing me to further continue
being the me I’m used to being…

Background : Just as I thought I was getting settled in from my move I come down with this horrific “cold” or so I thought…after 5 days of self-medicating I still seemed to not be progressing as I felt I should be having only what I thought to be a dreadful summer cold…so I make myself go to the doctors and submit to the co-pay that I think should not exist to find out that I was suffering from an upper respiratory infection which after researching I found is contracted similarly as the common cold…crap usually last from 7-10 days I HAVE DEFINITELY ENDURED 10 DAYs of this mess…so I wrote a poem about it…I once again declare that I am back…hopefully with no further interruptions – today is the last day of the anitbiotic and I am definitely feeling almost 100% better than the start of this thing…Thanks again guys for being patient with me.


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