Sassy is She…?

Bitter sweet feelings for knowing what
I’m longing means nothing to no one
Not even to the logic pieces that make up
The intellectual being that I sometimes
Secretly pride myself on being.

Knowingly you betrayed me and my
Friendship which I selflessly afforded
You with every right…but silly of me
To think that you…wait…silly little me
For trusting a so called man like you

That filled the air with lies
Scolding and looking down upon
Minor infractions when serious
Crimes were being committed by
Not me but you…so silly it really be
Of you to think that easily you could
Still have me…NO!

4 thoughts on “Sassy is She…?

  1. splashofexpression says:

    Your writing is like one fluid thought. Each line finishing the one before it. More than just a theme, it’s like I’m following you in your mind. You make it easy to walk with your words. Dreary tone but beautiful in its construction.

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