Missing you?

I miss you and I can’t take the pain any longer
I can’t withstand the aches I feel for longing
To be kissed by you…held by you…warmed by you…

I hate that I miss you because it would be useless
To tell you! SO, here I sit. Writing words
Across pages, trying to feel the void in my
Heart so it becomes null from the lack
There of where you used to be…

I miss you and screaming at the top
Of my lungs brings me no solace NO PEACE
But longing to be with you…I sit here
FRUSTRATED because all I really want
Is to be with you

Missing you matters to no one but me
So I try and I try to stop the insides cries
That long for you…the spitefully hope
You return one day…wondering if my simple
Words of I miss you apply 2 u in my reverse…

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