Patience for post…

To all my readers out there…

I’ve sort of been neglecting my blog and poetry post but I recently moved and in that whole process of packing and moving from one place to another and unpacking getting set up and taking care of all internet issues that I was experiencing…please be patient with me…I am still committed to my poetry community just finding it hard to post poetry and get settled…but things are winding back down and becoming more normal so stay tunned for post! Happy reading, writing, and whatever else…


5 thoughts on “Patience for post…

  1. splashofexpression says:

    Having just moved myself, take your time. It’s been a month and my living room is just now starting to look like a living room, the second to last room in the house that isn’t completely set up. Unpacking and reorganizing can be overwhelming and hectic so take your time hun.

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