at ease my heart understands
it does not always please,
so i cease to put restraints
on things that ain’t,
for with each lesson, simply learned,
the outcome seems overturned

at ease my heart says please
and gives thanks to all the
peace that soothes real deep

overturned from lessons unlearned
lessons learned from words unturned
truths held cold for persons
inability to share with sheer BOLDNESS

blank stares turned to glares
as witnesses see only what we think
is held skin deep,

Leaps from heaps of fires still ablaze
water from tears raining down courteously
by way of our fears,

but every surface
exposed, our secrets we cannot
always hold, for truth exposed,
results in lessons learned
not lessons overturned
from words unlearned and
nerves un-rung…

but bold with honesty
so deliberately the world
can see your learned lessons
from seeking wisdom
and knowledge of territories unknown
not allowing them to be simply,


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