Impartially I see you to be
all that is partial to me
I can’t believe your blind
to see all that’s wonderful
within me

Figuratively you abandon
me for what you think to
be something more than
what your eyes do really see

I impose on thee a true
chance to see more than
what I propose there to be

Consequently I surrendered
my wall, simply because your
masculinity captivated energies
that live deep within me,
uncontrollably I allowed you
to see more of me than what
you may have deserved there
to be

13 thoughts on “Impartial

      • blulightz says:

        lol no problem.. i’ve thrown up quite a few since i’m getting the hang of this place.. thanks for sharing it with me.. some are old and some are new… keeping it somewhat PC for now..

  1. juubalie says:

    my sweet SWEET Sawrah!!! i absolutely LOVE your blog…do you mind if I post this to my blog? of course giving credit to you…I’d post it as a link that open directly to here…I friggin love your writing!

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      Awe Soror! Thank you so much! I appreciate your checking me out and I absolutely feel the love. Yes I would be honored to have my work posted on your site…

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