CoOl Wit Me

Betrayed again, but what was my sin?
Cast aside without that grin wide
turned upside down my face you
see not just my frown, silly you be
more than a big red nosed clown

But fight I might, not do this time
for why even waste what’s more
precious than a worthless dime

Shinny at first, tarnished it didn’t
last, to think I didn’t even make
note to take out the trash

So stank is now, as everyone
who sees is clear, still ask how
did this happen my dear?
Answers unknown, questions
sewn wrong but now I see
clearly, how vividly, your words
with lax of acts have screamed
to me, I just couldn’t see
you no longer wanted to be

and…That’s COOL wit me!

22 thoughts on “CoOl Wit Me

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      Thank you very much! I appreciate your checking out my poetry! and I hope u do come again I’ll be dropping by soon!

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      Thanks for checking out my piece I look forwarding to checking out your work and I hope you stop by again!!!

  1. Jingle says:

    Please return favors to poets who were here,
    Thank you in advance…
    everyone needs encouragement…
    Happy Friday!

    I have sent this to every poet in my list.

  2. jeques says:

    I like the directness of this poem expressed like into-your-face manner. I can hear your voice clearly and it is affecting in such way like I’m listening to it in a face to face conversation. Poets have different style of writing, I find your style cool and very personalized.

    Thanks for visitng my webnook.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

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