Lost we die…

Conclusions of disillusions painting
Pictures of confusion of you ever
Wanting me…but decisions show
Precision in precisely how wisely
I should be dealing with the cards
Dealt directly to me…

Detachment from attachment
Strong ties I thought once bound
Would never unbind, but deceivingly
I now see from where before I blindly
Had no one there holding my
Hand or guiding me…

Towards the light that inevitably
Was there to shine upon me a victory
That was unforeseen as your love
Has fallen short in never capturing me
Though time we cannot rewind
My wonders of what could have
Been have seemingly dissipated
Into what is wasted and left for
Dead…but inside I don’t cry or hide

Behind what’s unreal…secure in
My emotions I move forward stepping
Ahead not following behind where
Lessons unlearned in our lives simply
Are left to die…

30 thoughts on “Lost we die…

  1. Poet Traveler says:

    wow! I am knocked over! This is my kind of poem. I danced to this pranced to this was bowled out and tranced by this! Your narrative is powerful gentle, melds alliteration and assonance with resonance and relevance. I scribble verses myself…. but lady Ms Peaches.. you Rock! 🙂 I’m so glad I picked your link out from the list at Jingle’s page. I’m also deeply impressed by your rhyming style – check out my scribbles and you’ll see I know something about rhyming and love it. I’m adding you to my Blogroll, and that’s such an honor for me 🙂 Thank you!



    • Ms. Peaches says:

      John, you my friend are totally awesome thanks so much for the compliments I am going to check out your blog and I am honored to be added to your blog roll! how exciting the “Jingle” experience is becoming for me! Thanks for the comments that include a lil rhyme as well!

      • Poet Traveler says:

        Peaches it’s an honor to read your awesome work. Please add me to your blogroll, I’m going to follow your progress. You are a “natural poet” .. I know what that means. I would love to keep on reading your vibrant musical rhythmic poetry. Please don’t stop writing. I am sure you will become very well known (but it would not surprise me if you are already very well known as a gifted writer/poet) and I am proud to be here at the beginning of all of this, cheering you on! It will not be the last time that I reply to you with a lil rhyme. I love rhyming. It’s delightful, fulfilling and I never stop.. and now having met you I can see an amazing natural artist who I can relate to in rhyming poetry. That is is totally awesome for me! 🙂 Thanks again, Peaches.

  2. Katherine says:

    Awesome poem Ms Peaches. I love the strength you show.
    “secure in
    My emotions I move forward stepping
    Ahead not following behind where
    Lessons unlearned in our lives simply
    Are left to die…”
    I love that.

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