Sexy in my City too!

Last night me and my girls went out to see “Sex & the City 2” I mean seriously who didn’t go see it yesterday? Untrue Supposed Fans would have not gone to see the movie yesterday ***okay okay– that was a lil harsh but I don’t take it back*** Being that yesterday was a Thursday & SATC2 day we definitely put on our “Sexy in our City” dresses & heels and headed to the show right after work! I must say I loved it! Despite the review that I read in today, which i completely disagree with, while the movie didn’t depict our “normal expectation” of the younger Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda we wanted to see exactly where they are not where they’ve been…the article i read in the paper really just didn’t too well with me. I decided that the author must have been an ugly chick who wants to live her life like the women of SATC but since she cannot she has resorted to having a backlash of contempt for the film.  IMO it had all of the qualities and characteristics of what we always get from SATC…Our Girls, Fashion! (which foreal their outfits while having lunch after riding the camels where on point), night life (club scene), Gay love (hello did u see that wedding), and the on going nuances of Carrie and “Big” or should I say John Preston (doesn’t that name just say I have money? LOL)…anyhow I give it a two thumbs up!

This scene right here–I LOVED IT LOL hahaha Liza Minnelli

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One thought on “Sexy in my City too!

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