I feel, left alone
Standing in the rain
Sitting on a stoop
Resting restlessly at
A metro stop…waiting
For the nothing that seems
To be all you want to exist
Between you in me
Understanding I lack
In what is now missing
That once before we shared
Do you care? Are u even there?
It all seems to be about
You simply screw the feelings
That equal me
The ways I’ve made u feel
Seem to be irrelevant
They now unlike before lack
Appeal because in the same
It’s now not the way you try
To make me feel
Your time is never mine,
My calls and text go unanswered
No time to see me
No words to really share
You life with me
So really how do I know
If you even really care?
But when it’s me you say
Why are u ignoring
If u don’t want to talk
Just say so
Pick up the phone when
I call you…it’s not like
You to not respond to my text
I guess there’s a standard
I’m to meet for you but
To the same u don’t have
To meet it for me
I guess what u fail to see
Is that I’m a beautiful black queen
To be cherished not just respected
Show me I’m all you need
Give me the attention I not just
Crave but need
Like a fine wine I’m expensive
In the sense that I deserve a quality
Amount of you time
But unsure you are unknowing u
Be so maybe it’s just time for me
To let go and just be me
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