Hey You…

Hey you, maybe you’re only

Supposed to look good for me,

Molded just for me…

The right woman for you

Hey you…hey you…


Maybe happily you’ll make me

Mentally, spiritually and even

Sexually, you’ll make me so

Happily emotionally…because


Maybe if, hey you, is secretly a top agent

Super model, or even simply a

Super hot porn star…still, she enjoys

With mind full’s of every shot captured

By only one lens


Hey you, yes, let’s shoot, like

Two colors that contrast then blend

While we start together, intoxicated

With chemicals from you and I

Hey you, feel my hearts beats,

While blood boils with each touch deprived

Penetrating souls, while beats of their

Hearts merge into one


High from sharing each others’ souls

Addicted, waiting for the cure which

Both of us holds for one another,

With touches and tastes, scents creating

Smells that sound like yells,

Heart to heart…feeling our rhythmic beats

Fall into sync…while we whisper…capturing

Pictures of hey you…and me…


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