Chocolate Quarter

Just yesterday, she glanced another way

to her surprise, she kneeled to find

a chocolate quarter, looking her way

thinking, she smiled a chocolate quarter

so much better, than a silly little dime


This quarter seemed special, so chocolaty – and all

not even the regular kind

  from milk and un-refined

 …it is the kind that she knows is fine,

made SPECIAL -even dark as red wine…


Not by Hershey – that brand… so bland

not of her liking –  way too sweet yet still incomplete


a Chocolate quarter, she deemed

a  new friend, intelligent & masculine –

smooth with rough edges…seems that’s how

energies connected, her stare

she dared, for really to hide

she couldn’t let it subside


Away with her thoughts

she simply smiled, a chocolate quarter

 she stashed away

maybe her new pleasure, simply she smiled

just put it away knowing

she’d smile another day


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