You can vote however you like

It’s been a long haul to the election…let me rephrase, it’s been a long haul to the most historical election, that I have every witnessed…well maybe that the united states has ever witnessed…I mean my ancestors built this country from their blood sweat and tears and back then I’m sure not many ever thought we’d see the day when a Black man would come this far and make it so close to becoming the President of the United States of America. I love change! Our nation would be blessed to have such an upstanding man become the President of this country. Barack Obama is poised, has integrity and really cares about the people, unlike his beloved oponent. I support his agenda, what he stands for and the change is going to promote when he makes it into office. I joyfully await November 4th so I can go out and vote! This will be the first time in my life that I am voting outside of California as well and I am ecstatic about that as well…

The great thing about being an American citizen is that I can, and you can…VoTE however YOU LIKE! I’m not really big on making post about politics but this video clip…which is a spin of off T.I.’s “you can have whatever you like” inspired me…I wanted to share this with all of those willing to watch…these kids GO HARD!!!!!!

You can vote however you like


3 thoughts on “You can vote however you like

  1. Ms. Peaches says:

    The funny thing is…you’re not even an American!!!! Ha so how do you even think that you know what it like have the right to choice…it may not be something that many religious folks condone, but you nor anyone else that is not going through it is the one that will be judged for it. God is a forgiving God so all the pro choice people that have decided to judge…take it back to the bible and reference the scripture text that reads, “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone…” I’m sure you nor any other person in america or anywhere else fits that mold! It’s great to have someone running that supports our rights to be able to choose! and the sad thing is that since you as a man will never be put in the position where you’d have to make such a decision has no idea…I have no idea what it’s like and while I am not in support of it, I think every woman should have the right to make that choice and not be judged by anyone other than God about that decision, its a part of our right to privacy!!!!! … and guess what, it’s great that so many Americans can vote however they’d like!

  2. drdashsays says:

    I think it is ridiculous to call abortion infanticide. Unless you have been in that situation to have to make that decision you cannot jude someone. Whether or not you choose to get the procedure done, everyone should have that choice….but hey you can vote however you like!

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