This woman’s worth

Do you ever wonder how much you’re worth?  What about that degree you worked so hard for…did it translate into cold hard cash, dollars in your hopefully not Wachovia or Washington Mutual very very safe bank account? Or did it amount to just being another piece of wasteful paper increasing the size of your environmental footprint.

On another note what about you, yourself as a commodity; do you ever wonder how you would translate into dollars and sense or I guess if we worked on a barter system would you be the diamonds or the dog leash? How long do you think you would sit on the shelf?  In these “harsh” economic times are black women like sub prime mortgages? Are we assets or a poor investment?

I cant help but feel as of late that black women particularly in California, a state known for its interracial dating and high number of mixed race people, are seen less and less as being desirable especially romantically and socially.  As I find myself in more social situations where African Americans do not constitute the majority I wonder if I am the Lisa Turtle in the room.  As much as we love our selves or proclaim we do I can’t help but feel like I, we, many black women are not considered a viable option.  Could it be our fierce dedication to “our” men, or the fear we instill as SBW(strong black women) that leaves us high and dry?

While I reluctantly am beginning to realize that black women are not the first round draft picks of the dating world, when it comes to corporate America or the boardroom, professionally how do we fare? Personally I feel that you are much more likely to see a black female CEO, manager, HNIC than you would see for example a black woman dating outside of her race.  Please correct me if I’m wrong, but whether that statistic is true or not, I think that perception, that black women are capable enough to run shit but do not make likely love interests, speaks volumes about our place on the desirability totem pole?

Do you find this horrifying….

Good thing we black women age well and we just like McDonalds hamburger patties will essentially look the same in 12 years…yeah take that, take that!

Ms. Tina makes it look easy…i’ll let ya’ll guess which one is older.


One thought on “This woman’s worth

  1. Ms. Peaches says:

    hmph I honestly can’t really tell Tina looks damn good! but I think the top one is older cuz the hair difference…but who knows! She is a prime example of how well we age!!! God Bless us!!!! Great post…seeing as I just moved to the east coast I am no longer dealing with the nuances of whether or not I am dateable…or whether or not the right guy…meaning a good guy is going to come along and sweep me off my feet…because I am certaintly old fashion in that sense…the East Coast is making it easy on me!

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