How many of us have done this?

I was rummaging through some of my old poems and I found this poem. I call it Just Fine. How many of you have ever been so hurt by someone but tried to shake it off as though it didn’t bother you, knowing inside you are unsure if you were gonna make it through? Well here it goes

I really don’t know what to say
I mean how do I reply to the statement you made?
You finally admitted what I needed to hear
You’re happy with her, that makes your feelings for me
– very clear

I felt like I would die
I’m surprised I didn’t cry
Maybe I knew it all this time
So I’ll tell myself I’m feeling just fine

I am thoroughly confused
I’ve never felt so used
I wish I never met you
I wish that statment was true

I just really don’t know anymore
What were all my tears for?
You know, I was so sure

I thought that if I gave you enough time
Your heart would be mine
but I see that is not so and so I tell myself
-I’m feeling just fine

by Dr.Dash


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