It’s Definitely HIM…

Is it you I see, when I close my eyes?
Is it you that’s there by Gods surprise?
is it you that i’ve loved, before we even met?
Tell me that it’s you I’ll grow old with
once our eyes have met
I love you and I don’t even know who you are yet
I close my eyes, and all i can see
is the happiness and joys
you’ll one day bring to me
and me the same to you
Our souls connected as we’re spiritually interwined
and united by God’s light that led us down
the paths that we followed
to find one another
free at last from a fate unknown
becasue as Gods arms opened
and showed me love,
I saw you my soul mate,
my best friend, my man, my ture love
On this day, I say to you
with true appreciation, adoration
and all my love, ’til death do us part
I’ll forever be your Queen and you my King
Til we meet on that day of fate, my love
for you, I will joyfully wait…

2 thoughts on “It’s Definitely HIM…

  1. drdashsays says:

    I thoroughly enjoy this! It reminds me of the poem I wrote yesterday! I will post it right now so you can see it.
    – Dr.Dash

  2. Ms. Peaches says:

    Ironically i wrote this poem in 2005, and while looking through my poetry book I felt that it was more than appropriate to post…thanks for commenting!

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