A Simple Complexity? or a Complex Simplicity?

“It should all be so simple…but you’d rather make it hard…it’s like a battle, and we both end up with scars…” (if you don’t recognize those words…think The MisEducation of Lauren Hill). That tune is so more than appropriate right now in my life.

Drama, is it a simple complexity? or a complex simplicity? What do you do with it? where do you put it? how do you get away from it? When does it all just cease to exist and completely leave you alone…? I think never. It dies down but the effects of it seemingly linger and grab a hold of whatever is found loose in its path.

Today I am to a point where there is no more effort on my part. There is no more concern…I simply don’t care. You reap what you sow, and if the seed you are sowing is bad seed, in return you will get bad seed.

In current society it is so hard for people to own up to how their own actions have caused what exist around them. A good friend said to me…”you only know about it cuz you’re being told about it…if you remove that part of the equation, you won’t even have to hear about it…” sounds so simple, right?

I don’t know if that’s right or not…I don’t know what to believe about anything. More story has been shed to me and nothing is adding up…I have my own speculations now of what is going on and for the sake of drama going away I am going to keep them to myself. But someone is really all up in my business and I’d like them to kindly see their way out…


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