Why is there DRAMA?

Have you ever tried to rid yourself of certain aspects of situations but every time you turn around it’s something new? I just don’t get it. The best business in the line of business is to mind YOUR OWN business. Why so many people become infected with the need to stir around in business that is not theirs is beyond me.

I can’t stand drama and as of lately it seems to be following me around like I’m it’s new best friend…after I put out the flames to one fire here comes another and I just don’t want to deal with it. I am indirectly being tagged in a game of freeze tag that I was never offered the option to play in. The irony in that…I guess since my name has never been in anything before now folks are latching on cuz what? This is a new point in history? Something like this won’t ever come about again? Grow up! Let’s be proactive not reactive…

I just need space, away from everybody and everything…DRAMA is not healthy…being in other peoples business is not healthy…it creates unwanted stress for everyone…and I simply don’t want it! So get out of MINE!


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