More Than Just…

in my dreams, you more than, just exist
you’re more than just some worldly wish,
you are my future, you are my man
my hot coco on a rainy day, you’re
my chocolate M&M’s, my Pecan Truffle,
my cold drink of water, on any thirsty day
in my dreams you are more than just my man
you’re my love, my one day husband

My love puppy, my hope renewed
you’re handsome smile, drives me wild,
the butter to my toast, the flames
that light my fire, you’re the crown royal,
on top of my ice, I float in all that makes you

your smooth brown skin, your full sensual lips,
your strong hands and muscular build,
your natural warmth, your comforting hold,
Our love something only God can mold,
your swagger so bold, truth be told, you’re
more than just my dream, you’re a reality
I’ve seen, you’re more than I imagined to complete me
you’re more than, just…my man…


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