His Master Piece

it’s the deepness of his brown
the smile that draws you in,
sista, I tell you, this art work
just welcomes, even sucks
you in…

it’s the structure of his stature
the definition that sets the tone
his strength never stops
turning me on

it’s the fullness of his lips
that creates the silkiness in
my lower hips, I’m feigning him
like he’s my drug and I’m his addict

it’s the look in his eyes, when that
dark brown meets with mine,
the pureness of his soul, I see,
every time he’s looking back at me

it’s the real beauty he holds
and carries so bold, his swagger
is something sexy that words
can’t explain, when it sets in
and warms me, I’m never cold

it’s the art work of him
that creates this priceless
master piece, that all of
me recognizes him to be…


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