Are u Black and Single?

Dr. Ronn Elmore is the lead minister over the singles ministry and the lead of marriage counseling at the church I attend. Monthly there are these meetings for the “Rock Solid Singles Ministry.” This man of God is awesome and our meeting last night was recorded for the special that is to premier on CNN on the 23rd of this month called “Black in America.”

I wasn’t really sure what to expect at this seminar, but I was hopeful to walk away with some useful tips if nothing else. There are so many tools and strategies that Black singles don’t possess and that is part of the reason for the high statistics that exist in our community.

45% of single Black women want to get married and 48% of single Black men want to get married…Those stats are crazy. I help make up those stats! Dr. Elmore has a series of books out andd the newest one is called “No Non-Sense Dating.” Women and men alike have so many misconceptions about the opposite sex and have built so many barriers due to things that may have effected them in past relationships and these are hinderences to successful relationships.

I’m not certain that I’ve always done things “right” in my past and current relationships but I do know that I will not be doing the wrong things anymore.


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