An Illusion of Confusion

Confusion, please let this just be an illusion
but reality brings to me with sincerity, not
clarity that what I see and what I feel is so
real…unimagined, unaware, what is it that
makes you have to be so…

Lacking, sent packing and all so you could
feel that what you’ve lost is just a thought
moved forward without finishing what
you started, before, and now you can’t ignore

It’s yesterdays past, but so strongly today’s
present and on the past I wrote to you
a dear John letter that I thought would
bring light and make things bright
but the subject matter so tattered and
old it seems even more now so bold

because the things I share are not things
untold but things you’ve made my reality
when you made it a point to disappoint
yourself and more over me

I’m glad you see, & to not be she
as I know I don’t have to compete
with uncertainty to this confusion that’s
really not just an illusion
but an intrusion on my minds eye

for the heart never lies
and what was thought to be
an illusion is just your
confusion over chosen what’s
really all just…simply put
a bold faced illusion

for you needed a conclusion…

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