Special Thanks

From the depths of my soul
throughout the inner workings
of my heart…my humility lights no
match to the flames of your sincerity
towards me…my words cannot
express the extent to which I give
thanks…my words cannot express
the immenseness to how endearing
your words have been to me.
It’s with clarity now that I see
how much your friendship, old
or new, truly means to me

You hugged me with your words
you loved me with unmeasurable
compassion…you showed me
the me that I thought I had lost
by keeping it real, more, real than
I really wanted it to be!

when my heart remained unchanged
you simply helped it beat anew
you refreshed my spirit
when I thought the pain would never be through
you brought me joy
by simply giving me your own smile

these words seem so plain
but it’s you, along with God,
that has helped to keep me sane
through trials and tribulations
I know you are always there
whether you’re here or not so physically
near…I know our bond because
by your works to me it’s clear to see

Thank you for being a blessing in my life
I really appreciate you more than you
can even imagine!

(Thanks M.ilk, L.H, Chief, L.A.T., K.A., A.P.G., J.S.M., J.T.)


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