How he hurt me

A time before with just
the mention of his name
a smile, radiant and bright
is what I became
…now I hear his name
the wells of my eyes
fill with tears
equatable to lies,
injustices and down
right selfishness…
committed seriously with,
absolute seriousness I’ve
been objectified and lied to
held hostage on a cold harsh
reality roll-a-coaster ride
not vicious or cynical but damn
twisted , as my hurt
fights to not become anger
as my joys turn into sorrow
as I fight to not subject her to the
humiliation he subjected me
damn as you read you think
that’s one harsh reality
but the thoughts
within me are
trying drive me
absolutely wild…
one minute there’s tears
the next second there’s cheers
I’m blessed to think
what God’s future
for me brings near…
but on this walk
I tread faith alone…
its a tight rope
only it’s made of thread
if I stumble, I may fall
if I fall, who do I have to call…
this is the pain that he cause
this is the hurt his written
on my whiles…it’s silver
lining is there is only one
me and that me, she’ll never be


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