Words He Said, Words She Said…

His words said, that his love was true,
His words said, he was holding on tight,
to her heart, and would not let go,
without a fight…

His words said, don’t love me,
his words said, don’t want me,
His words completely, hostilely,
dismissed she, his words said
I don’t want you to miss me…

His words said, he wanted
her to hurt, His words said
shut up to her heart, His words
said he didn’t care, His words
bled pain, while her eyes shed

His words said don’t honor me,
His words said he was hurt,
just not so liberally, nor directly
to she, His words said to leave
him alone, His words were
cold, they sent chills to the bone…

His words said they would not
apologize, His words said,
all that mattered was just a lie…

His words said he didn’t complete her,
His words said finally…to get
away from him…

Her words said, Her heart was true,
Her words deepened, when her
eyes met you…

Her words said, TRUST me, I trust you,
Her words said, let me in,
I’ll help heal you…

Her words said, I honor you,
Her words said with humility,
I dare you, you know I love you…

Her words said, she’ll knock again,
Her words said, she’ll knock, softly,
until you’re comfortable, to let her in…

Her words said, she is more than patient,
Her words said, kindness reigns within…

Her words said, I forgive you,
her words plead, but she refused to beg…

Her words said, you are so strong,
Her words said, she’s been hurt, too,
and the pain never last for long, Her words said,
she still wants, to pull closer to you…

Her words said, she will endure, the test
of time, even if you revert, and let the
clock rewind…

Her words simply said, to him…with a
a sincere, gentleness, as soft as, a kiss,
let me complete you…just let me in,
Her words she meant, so, she finished,
and the message was sent…


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