Love’s Sin

Omission is your sin

Strange enough I thought

With you I’d win

Maybe you sought me because

You never thought I’d be got

I let you in and omission

Neglect along with rejection

Is now what I win…to think I deemed

You my very best friend

Allowed you to know me

Like no one has ever known me

Pushed my protection aside

And let love subside

Only so you could ultimately push me

Aside…still within I love you more

Than one should…

Suppression depression maybe

Hell it’s even obsession

But to you I knew would

Be no end but wrong again

I guess wishing for a relationship

With you, one of fate and destiny

Was my one great sin

You probably see no wrong

Nor acknowledgment towards

How your actions and emotions

Affect mine, but here I am

Wishing time I could rewind

Just to get a glimpse of

What we used to share

Just to feel you love me

Want me, desire me and hold

Me tight…with all your might

I close my eyes, I’m so hypnotized

It’s only my imagination you see

Where I saw that picture of you and me

Lovingly holding hands

United together you and me for the

Rest of all eternity…


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