Valentine’s Day

Maybe this post is about to be cliche or sound like something from that of a woman that possess the “Bitter Woman’s Syndrome” but that’s not what it is I just need to put my thoughts out there because I know I am not the only one.

So Valentine’s day is coming…it’s all over the television, even Dr. Phil did a Valentine’s day episode where he helped a husband, who has never acknowledged this day of love, write his wife a love letter–isn’t that sweet? Gave a woman a make over to help spice up her look for her husband on valentine’s day…

What does it take for a lady to get a valentine’s these days? Not to seem vain or boastful, but I’m an attractive young woman, I’m kind, loving, generous…and so on and so forth…is it strange that I have never experienced the joys of having a valentine?

I remember back when I was younger, in grammar school, every kid always had a valentines…now I’m grown and seemingly always single by the time valentine’s comes around. I remember once I got a phone call with a happy valentine’s from my ex…I appreciated it but I wondered what was so “happy” about it?

Here I go about to seem like I’m complaining, but I’ve been the valentine of a few in my dating career, and with all my effort and thoughtfulness…I couldn’t even get a piece of paper folded in half, drawn on with some crayon with something wishful and nice on it. Is it too much to ask for?

Maybe I just have faith in love and love has lost the thoughtfulness that used to exist…the first time I put forth true effort into being someone’s Valentine, it was while I was a sophomore in college…we weren’t going to be seeing each other on that day because it was a weekday so I wrote him a poem, even put it on nice paper w/ hearts all over it…got him a huge hersey’s kiss and this cute lil doggy that was holding a heart that said I love you, put it in this lil box and mailed it off to him…before he got the box…he broke up with me…he got the valentine maybe the next day and asked me if I wanted it back…I thought that was absurd…surely I didn’t want anything back what I gave was sincere and from the heart…

Hmmm then another time I was actually in a relationship and I sent him the most thoughtful valentine ever and in return…there was nothing…so I’ve gotten to the segment in Dr. Phil’s episode where Dr. Phil’s wife is teaching us how to be our own valentine, which is great because we should treat ourselves, but when you’re single, don’t you always “treat” yourself? Just a thought…but never the less as we approach this years’ Valentine’s Day I will be loving all of those that are close to me, and treating it as a day of “LOVE” all love not just romantic love and if you’re single, you should do the same! It’s actually on a Thursday so I’ll even be going to bible study…besides God is love, right?

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