Reality — Reality

The desensitization of my emotions
lacks the hasten, to the effects this
situation has imposed, to the utmost–
I have allowed some illusion of happiness
to invade the characterizations, that I,
strongly up held to be me, but despite
my in tunned, most often wise, nature–
my heart is more than emotionally
inclined to be subjected, to ALL, that
you affectionately do to me,

my tears fall from strange misrepresentation
because, I, remember a time when
you led me to believe, that you would…
be mine, the irrelevance, to that statement
can be held by question, cause, all that
matters is the affects you effectively
have on me, I don’t even know, what
to do–, because, I’m so in love with you,
you are the one I see as true
the man I one day say I DO…
but, my speculation- don’t matter
not even with slight inclination, because
the reality of the situation, is that you are not…
not…you are…not….shhhhhh
it’s all just, never mind, its all, just
a figment of my lucid mind, but know this true
I’m madly in love with you
and if you could only see
I mean just for a moment see….all that I see,
you too would believe the future held
between you…and me….

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