Boldly, Illimitably, Luciously, Liberate, Yearning

BODLY you slowly show me you

and as you unfold more and more

comes to light, with all my might

I promise not to Bite, But I’ll put up

the fight just to hold on to you tight


ILLIMITABLY I go after thee, because

you seemingly complete me, the man

I see, truly Illuminates, all the little

pieces that exist to make me…

LUSCIOUSLY Lavish in you, the Legendarily

you, that Legitimizes me, and I unwaveringly

give you me, if only you could see to Let me…

LIBERATE you, to Let your, Light shine through

then you’d truly know as my…

YEARNING is for You, as I gently Yank You

near to me, Yours matches mine, but You Yield

when all I need is for You, to say Yes and

Yours I’ll truly be…

© November 14, 2007


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