Understanding the value of your selfworth…Do you understand yours?

Now know that I can’t just throw you into this and expect you to understand what I’m saying so let me break some words down for you—so you can keep up…

To understand is to perceive and comprehend the nature and significance of; to know thoroughly through close contact with or long experience of; to grasp what is intended or expressed by; to comprehend the meaning of; to know and be tolerant or sympathetic toward; to have understanding, knowledge or comprehension; to learn indirectly or at secondhand…

Value: an amount regarded as a suitable equivalent for something else; monetary or material value; worth in usefulness or importance to the possessor; a principle, standard, or quality regarded as worthwhile or desirable; precise meaning or import…

Worth: the quality of something that makes it desirable, useful, or valuable; the number or amount of something that may be purchased for a specific sum; wealth riches; the quality within one that renders one deserving of respect; deserving of: merit…

It’s strange because as women there are so many of us that devalue ourselves without realizing it.

God has a purpose for each and every one of us and loving our self truly—further creates the needed understanding in knowing the value of our own self worth!

I’ve always been a person that values myself and consider myself to be someone who truly values my own self worth. While that has been and still is the truth, an old friend, who in a very short time, helped me to better understand my own self-worth made me realize I didn’t fully comprehend the true value of myself worth at that time.

It’s strange, yet again, because we set these standards for our self, our career aspirations, and even love life’s without truly thinking them through enough to understand, what it is we really want and are really looking for or even why we are looking for such!

You know it’s the simple things sometimes that go unnoticed that bring value to who we are or who we can become. My friend really helped me understand the value of my own self worth through the words by which he used to address me. It was like an epiphany—but we acknowledge ones worth every time we speak or address one another in the simplest of forms.

One of the first times we shared a conversation he was able to see that I was a woman of substance and that is something I pride myself on being. Because if I lack substance what is my purpose of being??? My purpose in action??? My purpose in the pursuit of love, life or even happiness? (Just let that marinate)

Now I define myself to be a compassionate, zealous, giving, honoring, trusting, spirit-filled, committed, goal-oriented, independent, dependable, respectable and loving individual—so I don’t look towards others to help define myself, what I believe, or what I stand for; however, through all of that I still lacked a true understanding of my own self worth.

Now let me break down a little more for you…(don’t get lost—just pay attention!)

My friend called me ‘Princess’ let me break this word down for you because a Princess is not just someone who is in the royal bloodline or marrying into the royal bloodline.

Princess is defined as:
A hereditary woman ruler; queen; the woman ruler of a principality; a woman member of a royal family other than a monarch;…

Now here is where the definition veers away from its royal meaning…

…A Noble woman; a woman regarded as having status or attributes of a princess.

Now you know I can’t stop there because I really want you to understand completely!

Principality: a territory ruled by a prince or from which the title of a prince is derived; the position, authority, or jurisdiction of a prince; an angel of the 3rd lowest rank in the nine orders of angels.

It’s the latter part of that which is key…I’m going to help you really understand me and maybe give you some help in finding the path that helps you understand you and the value of your self worth.

Now my friend has also called me ‘young lady’ and ‘sunshine’ on a few occasions…

Sunshine is defined as the sun’s light or its direct rays; happiness: cheerfulness; a source of happiness or cheerfulness

Young in short is being underdeveloped in a period of life or growth, newly begun or formed; of or relating to youth or early life; having the vigor or freshness of youth; lacking experience…

Lady is defined to be a well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior; a woman regarded as virtuous and proper; a well-behaved girl; a woman who is head of a household; a woman to whom a man is romantically attached; a general feminine title of nobility and rank.

Now, I really don’t think y’all are ready to feel me yet, but I’m going to give it to you anyway!

(I know it’s getting long but just follow me a little bit longer here…)

There is so much meaning behind a word and so much power in a name my three names together mean…

A maiden referred to as someone who ruled on the borderlands of a realm; warlike with noble ranking as a son (daughter) of David…(yea I know that’s deep!)

The term maiden is defined as an unmarried girl or woman, a virgin, …being an unmarried woman; inexperienced; untried; 1st or earliest.

Now your name is who you are, what you are called and what you ultimately live up to…my name has such a powerful meaning and for so long I have rejected my middle name, because of one characteristic or another, but after doing some research and discover the meaning of my name, which comes from three different origins—sharing similar meanings, I find that all this time I have been rejecting a piece of me and that is probably why I didn’t have a complete understanding of my own self worth.

When all of these words are looked at and tied in together the relationship is blatantly obvious. A princess is a noble woman; lady holds a general feminine title of nobility and rank; principality is an angel with the third lowest rank; young is lacking experience as a maiden is being inexperienced.

As I near a quarter of a century my life has barley begun…I’ve made many choices and decisions to help get myself on the path that I have deemed God’s journey for me in life yet I had no complete understanding of it because I lacked the needed knowledge to fully understand the value of my self worth.

God’s purpose for me is not to compromise myself for someone—anyone! God’s purpose for me was to value myself as he values me and that is through all things. Our lives are about not just words that promise action but action that is followed by words, virtues that are obvious and apparent to those who may be out to cripple or hinder us. “Physical weakness prevents the accomplishment of much that otherwise might be done” and if we are not mentally strong and prepared for all of the adverse things life throw at us, we will crumble and fail…we our God’s precious jewels and should be mindful of that in ever action we set forth in…remembering that anyone who expects us or lets us compromise our self for their own selfish gain is only out to hinder us from great things. Love your self, understand what it means to love your self…and keep that knowledge that a compromise for something unworthy today you’ll still pay for tomorrow.

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