Twilight Zone

This euphoric aura you’ve centered

Around me, has me, so—high on

Life that could nice is considered

An extreme depressive like state of mind

You’ve created this state of being

Inside me, that I – seemingly can-

Not seem to control

But to let go is more earth shaking

Than a hard six point, Oh, wait

One, two, or maybe times three

Is all the emotion shared between

You and me

You make me weak, you’ve

Broken me down, I let you in

So now we both win, wait that’s

Not quite right

But I believe that’s how I pictured

You, both you and me together

Sharing the greatest love

In history

But it was just a zone

A state of mind

That had escaped

To get lost in twilight time, making

Me believe, what I think,

No what I believe and know I see

Yes, don’t mistake me, there will

Be a you and me…

© December 18, 2007

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