Our Weekend Rendezvous

Our weekend rendezvous

it was shared by not just me

but you, 2, showed me a

deep piece of you

and I only hope you felt

my love push through

Your embrace so strong, so endearing

so rescuing, so pure, in it’s natural form

your warmth leveled my chill

your sexy pull my classy

your crown royal on ice lit my fire

our passions and desires were opened

there were no rules only truths

and you gave me all of you

in return I unwrapped myself

just so I could really deeply

undoubtedly feel ever pulsating

beat that exist with IN you

Your milk chocolate kisses

melted in my mouth, while

my hands melted all over you

there’s no way to undue

the feelings I have for you

so my heart simply longingly welcomes

all that is you, this is but a glimpse of

what was shred by me and you

during our weekend rendezvous


© November 14, 2007


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