I Can’t…

I can’t begin to even explain

what it is I feel inside, my heart

is simply warm, with all that’s you

inside, with just the thought of even

your name, my heart pounds w/ joy

something major, I’m talking real insane

I can’t help but wonder

if this piece of you, this

little small piece of you, is all

I can ever touch of you, if it’s all

there is for me to have of you…but

I hear your cheer, it’s so sincere

I see you, I touch you, as I grab,

for you, something, pulls back from you

what am I supposed to do with that,

When I’m crazy into you, I reach again

Now harder to touch, I still feel you near,

my heart still warms, with something pure

for you, it’s so true, everything, I promise you,

I hope you can feel, this love I have for you

©October 22, 2007


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